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Common Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a high school or college athlete, or a weekend warrior, experiencing a sports injury can be a physically and emotionally difficult experience. For many athletes, a sports injury can result from overtraining, not stretching or warming up sufficiently, or from accidents during the sport itself.

At Shapiro Sports Medicine in Sarasota, Florida, expert sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary S. Shapiro will diagnose and treat your sports injury as quickly and effectively as possible to get you back to doing the sport you love.

Sports injuries usually affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and/or bones, and Dr. Shapiro will first figure out what’s causing your injury in order to recommend the best treatment for your particular condition.

Dr. Shapiro has many years of experience diagnosing and treating sports injuries, particularly those involving the knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow:

If you’re experiencing pain due to a sports injury, Dr. Gary Shapiro is your go-to guy for sports medicine in Sarasota. He can help get you get back to your game at the same performance level – or even better – as before your injury. Schedule an appointment today by calling (941) 365-0655, or use our online appointment request form now.